Aug 17, 2012

v7.5 – New MailChimp Features Going Live

We’re preparing to launch some new features in MailChimp, putting us at v7.5 (for those keeping track). The features will start to go live next week and will take a few days to propagate to all two million user accounts (August 20-24).

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’re slimming down the Campaign Builder navigation, to make some room for a totally new editor down the road
  • E-Commerce data gets a big revamp
  • Code editor gets some tweaks

Slimmed Down Navigation

Here’s what the navigation in the current Campaign Builder looks like:

Campaign Builder Navigation

When v7.5 goes live, it’ll look like this:

New Campaign Builder Navigation

As you can see, it’s much slimmer than it used to be (126px slimmer to be exact), giving you a lot more room for your work. You’ll notice the change to the "back" and "next" buttons, which are now connected to the progress bar. You can click the arrows on each end to navigate through the Campaign Builder, or just click on a step to jump to a specific place. This new convention will be used whenever you’re using any kind of step-by-step "wizard" in MailChimp. It’s different, but it’ll grow on you. And you’ll love having more room on the screen.

The "Save & Exit" button is a bit different too. It now gives you the option to exit to any of the main dashboards or log out when leaving the Campaign Builder.

Putting E-Commerce Data in the Spotlight

MailChimp has some amazing features for e-retailers. Problem is, nobody knows they exist. And even if you did know they exist, the data’s been a little hard to get to. Not anymore.

Revenue Chart

On the "Reports" dashboard we have an "Opens and Clicks" chart. That’s nice, but we thought a revenue chart would make things better. This new interface shows you the total revenue your campaigns have generated and the top revenue generating campaigns. Click any point in the revenue chart to jump to the detailed campaign stats.

Revenue Report

Revised Dashboards

When you log in to MailChimp, there are some nice, quick stats in the left column. Scroll down, and you’ll see a "Top Fives" section. We’ve added lists there showing the campaigns and customers that are generating the most revenue:

Top Five Revenue Generating Campaigns and Customers

In addition, we’ve revised the design of the dashboards a bit to make better use of space.

Code Editor Themes

In our previous release we updated the Code Editor, adding line numbering and code highlighting. But some folks had a hard time reading their code on a dark background, so we’ve introduced theme switching. Now you can choose a palette that works best for you.

Previous Releases

We’re always working on new features and improvements. In case you missed our recent updates, you can find details here: