Apr 11, 2008

The New MailChimp

Last September, we began work on an all new MailChimp (this would be "v3" if you’re keeping track). We codenamed it "tarzan" because the little chimp is slightly more "civilized" now. Every single line of code has been optimized, and new technology has been put in place to make MailChimp’s infrastructure more powerful, scalable, stable, and secure.

While we were at it, we completely redesigned the interface to make it faster and easier to use. For example, we created an all new HTML email designer, where you can design your campaigns and edit content all on one simple screen. We added graphs and pie charts to our reports, made searching your lists super fast and easy, and advanced coders get a nifty advanced code editor embedded right into the MailChimp interface. Here’s an almost-full list of features.

We’ll be posting more about the new MailChimp as we get closer to launch.

Right now, we’re undergoing final QA. The new MailChimp will launch in early May, and will be automatic and totally free for all our customers. To learn more, we’ve got a features list and demo videos at this temporary micro-site:


Here’s a sneak peek at one of those demo videos: