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MailChimp is on Giphy!

Earlier this year, we made our first official GIF policy for social media: no more third-party GIFs. So we asked our designers to create GIFs and images we could use to respond to certain types of posts on Facebook and Twitter. After figuring out the main sentiments we wanted to get across— “You’re welcome,” “Thanks,” “Your cat looks amazing in that hat,” etc.—our creative team got to work.

Share Your MailChimp Campaigns From Your HootSuite Dashboard

You probably already know that MailChimp is chock full of social features that help you connect with and learn about your audience. But we certainly don’t consider ourselves a social media management app, and we definitely don’t think our customers want to have MailChimp always-on, always tweeting from it. There are better tools for that, …

Facebook Custom Tabs Width Change

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that as of August 23rd (yesterday) they would be shrinking the width of custom Page tabs from 760px down to 520px. They provided a preview of the changes to Page admins, and many of you contacted us to inquire how the MailChimp signup app would handle the shift. We’re …