Aug 18, 2015

Partnering with Cooper Hewitt for a Tessitura Integration

At MailChimp, we love to champion underdogs who try to change the world. We particularly love nonprofit organizations, and take pride in building tools to help them do more with less. For years, we’ve offered nonprofits a 15% discount. Earlier this month, we featured some useful nonprofits tools in our integrations directory. We also strive to help some of the most impactful nonprofits in our community throughout the year. All told, more than 500,000 nonprofit organizations around the world use MailChimp for email newsletters and marketing automation.

We’ve enjoyed cultivating relationships with a number of these organizations, including the folks at Cooper Hewitt and the Smithsonian Institution. Cooper Hewitt is a Smithsonian Institution museum that showcases historic and contemporary design. They recently completed a renovation of the Carnegie Mansion in Manhattan with digital engagement at the heart of the transformation. After Seb Chan, Cooper Hewitt’s Director of Digital & Emerging Media, spoke at a MailChimp Coffee Hour a few years back, we’ve learned a lot about how their organization continually pushes the boundaries of both MailChimp and Mandrill.

The Cooper Hewitt team showed us the hurdles associated with running a museum, from updating member profiles to selling tickets to managing donor profile systems. And what we realized is that so much happens before they even start thinking about email marketing. Simply put, once they’ve put in all that legwork, there’s not an easy way to pass data from their constituent management software to MailChimp.

Those labor-intensive workflows were taking away from other initiatives, so we decided it was time for an integration with Cooper Hewitt’s CRM tool of choice—Tessitura. In fact, some people even offered us their kingdoms for it.

In collaboration with Cooper Hewitt and JCA, Inc., we’ve released an open-source tool for Tessitura members that allows for ad-hoc and scheduled list syncs between Tessitura and MailChimp. Gone are the days where teams needed to manually export and import lists. Tessitura admins can automatically manage these tasks, freeing up valuable nonprofit resources in the process.

Members of the Tessitura Network can download the tool and edit the code base to fit their particular needs. And thanks to the collaborative nature of Tessitura, other users can track these changes to find the ideal version that works for them.

We’re excited to see how nonprofits put this tool to use. Visit the integration’s Bitbucket page to connect your account, and let us know what you think.