Sep 13, 2006

OutBlaze spam filter feedback loop

If you’ve never heard of Outblaze, you soon will. From their site:

"Outblaze operates over 35 million active email accounts for a variety of public and private clients from all over the globe."

If you send a campaign to a corporate client, chances are it’ll have to get through an Outblaze filter. If you read through your bounced email headers for your MailChimp campaign, chances are you’ll probably find one or two bouncebacks because Outblaze thought your campaign was spammy.

Thankfully, Outblaze has added MailChimp to their feedback loop, so we can automatically remove any of their users from your list if they report your campaign as spam.

So now, in your campaign stats, you should see abuse reports from:

As more ISPs and anti-spam organizations provide feedback loops, we’ll be adding them to our system. Read more about feedback loops, and why they’re important for marketers, in this excellent article from Clickz.