Feb 29, 2008

Nice Email Footer From PhotoJojo

Being in the email marketing business, I notice weird stuff. Like email footers. When I get a new email newsletter, I like to scroll all the way down to the bottom, and see how they write their footer. I look for interesting ways people include unsub links, or mailing addresses, or "fwd to a friend" text. I realize that’s kinda weird (like a foot fetish or something) but I do this for your benefit, my loyal blog reader. Really.

Here’s one of the most creative email footers I’ve seen in a long, long time, from Photojojo (which is one of the few email newsletters I actually look forward to receiving):

Photojojo email newsletter footer

This is a nice, neat packaging of an unsub link, CAN-SPAM required mailing address (love the "earth" reference), privacy policy link, subscribe link (in case the email was forwarded), a feedback survey link, a del.icio.us link, and a link back to their website.

Besides the creative email footer, Photojojo is an email newsletter that anybody who sends email marketing should subscribe to. Their content is actually useful, quick, and fun to read. Read some of the testimonials from people who hate email newsletters, but love Photojojo’s email newsletters.