Oct 16, 2013

New: Trigger Emails From Website Traffic

Update (3/6/2018): This post contains information about features and workflows that are no longer available within the MailChimp application. To learn more about connecting your site to MailChimp, visit our Knowledge Base.


Have you ever wanted to automatically send a series of follow-up emails to your subscribers only if they visited a specific web page, or completed some specific task on your website?  You can do that with a brand new feature we’re calling "Goal."

If you’ve ever set up goal tracking in Google Analytics, the concept will be familiar: wherever you want us to track a goal, just add a simple snippet of code like this:


The goal can be a web page (like a purchase confirmation page, or some page that you know your best customers always visit), a subdomain, or even a JavaScript event within a form (like clicking a "save for later" button in a shopping cart). Goal will track anyone who visited your site from a MailChimp campaign.

You can even drill down and see the goals an individual subscriber has completed:


If you’re a tech savvy marketer like most of our customers, your brain’s probably exploding as you think about all the different possibilities this new feature opens up for you. We’re excited too, but to set expectations: this is just a baby step. The only actionable event we provide right now is to trigger an autoresponder (though that’s a very powerful event, imho). You can already use Goal to do things like follow up on website content with a survey or follow up on a purchase with care instructions, but we’ll be iterating and adding more functionality to the feature in our upcoming releases. For example, we really want you to have the ability to build and save segments of subscribers based on data from Goal, and to generate reports about goal completion.

Detailed documentation for Goal can be found on our Knowledge Base.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like us to consider as we build out this feature, please let us know with this survey.