Jul 13, 2009

New Social Site Merge Tags

A little while ago, we launched a "social sharing" merge tag:

* | MC:SHARE | *

When placed, it inserted a large row of social sites that your readers could share your newsletters with. One request we started receiving immediately after launching this was the ability to specify individual social sites (not all of them at once).

You can do that now. Here’s how…


for example if you only want digg in your email footer, you’d do this:


* | SHARE:digg | *

If you’d prefer 4 icons:


* | SHARE:facebook,twitter,myspace,digg | *, etc.

(note: I’ve added extra spaces to the merge tags in this blog post so that they render correctly for our RSS-to-Email subscribers. If you copy and paste from this post, the merge tags will not work.)