Mar 18, 2011

New Guide: Understanding Reports

MailChimp has some powerful reporting features that you should know about, and our new Understanding Reports guide gives you the rundown.

We track more than just opens and clicks—we’ll tell you how many times your campaigns are being forwarded, where subscribers are clicking, and how many people are liking your campaigns on Facebook. Our Subscriber Activity Reports show you exactly who’s opening and clicking. And we integrate with Google Analytics, so you can find out the ROI for every campaign.

You can even download a spreadsheet of every campaign you’ve ever sent, and use that info to run more specific reports, make charts and graphs, or impress your boss. If you really want to impress your boss, check out our rebrandable reports. And if you’re always on the go, our mobile reports are easily accessible from your smartphone.

Our new guide explains all the reports we offer and shows you how to use the stats to improve your campaigns. And impress your boss.

Download the free guide at