Apr 5, 2011

New Chiclet and Badge Designs

Update (3/2/15): This feature was discontinued as of June 2013. While we’re considering bringing it back at some point, there are no plans to do so in the immediate future.

Last week, we rolled out some new MailChimp features. Now it’s time to start documenting all the changes. I’m going to start with chiclets and badges, because these are the least "meaty" upgrades (but still nice!).

There are now a ton more options to choose from for your subscriber chiclets (little thingies you can add to your website and your signup forms to show how many subscribers are on your list:

We wanted to make them a little more compact, and we wanted to add some options that better match our recent re-design.

On the chiclets screen, you’ll also notice some new "Chiclet Privacy" options:

Use "public" if you’re proud of your subscriber count, and you don’t mind the entire world knowing how many subscribers you have. Use semi-private if you’d like to place it on your website or subscribe form, and you really only want your own visitors to see it. Use "off" if your subscriber count is nobody’s business.

"Public" is like listing your phone number in the phone book. "Semi-private" is like keeping it unlisted, and out of the phone book (people can still get your phone number if you post it on your website, though). "Off" is like not owning a phone. In the past, the only option was public. Since adding these new options, the new default is "semi-private." We didn’t want to go back and break old chiclets though, so if you prefer semi-private, you’ll need to go back to your settings and change it (instructions for getting to your chiclet settings).

We’ve updated our MonkeyRewards badges, too:


These are the badges that get inserted into your emails when you’re on our freemium plan (under 2,000 subscribers). But you can turn them on even if you’re on a paid plan, if you’d like. If you’re asking yourself, "Why in God’s name would I ever insert your badge into my email?" I don’t blame you. I like to keep my newsletters simple too, and think it’s worth upgrading to a paid account just to avoid the badge (and I’m not just saying that to get your money-o-glorious-money).

There are two compelling reasons to insert our badges, even when you have a paid account:

1) They actually look good. Not that compelling? Okay fair enough.

2) You can earn $30 in MonkeyRewards whenever you refer new business to MailChimp. Use that to pay your MailChimp fees, or to buy different MailChimp add-ons. I’ve got the badge in all my lists and newsletters, and whenever I want to buy more inbox inspections, it’s usually free because of the MonkeyRewards I’ve accumulated.