Apr 30, 2012

Most Newsletter Templates are Nonprofit Templates

MailChimp has many pre-designed templates for newsletters. We’re always adding more, too. A handful of these templates are designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, but most aren’t.

Here’s the thing, though: Nonprofits can totally use the templates that aren’t specifically designated for nonprofits.

This isn’t exactly news. But maybe your micromanager needed to hear it from someone else. At the very least, the next time some know-it-all suggests that you “run your nonprofit more like a business,” you can say that you use the same newsletter templates that businesses use. (Maybe this happens just before you issue a swift kick to said know-it-all’s shin.)

I’ve highlighted some templates that nonprofit organizations might like to use or edit to fit their brand guidelines. Let’s take a look at them, knowing that—yes—there are more, and—yes—you can always design your own from scratch.


More and more of your subscribers are reading email on mobile devices. Mobile templates help get your message across without readers having to zoom in, zoom out, or ignore a bloated email on principle.


While these examples aren’t exactly timely, I suspect Fabio is working day and night to create an International Tuba Day template. Meanwhile, there are a lot more holiday templates where these came from.


You might not find our SurveyMonkey templates with the rest of the designer templates right away. That’s because they appear only after you activate our SurveyMonkey integration. Just like the other templates, you can edit these to match your organization’s brand or personality.

Once you send out your survey, go to the Advanced Reports section to find your SurveyMonkey stats.


If your organization has some sort of retail arm, you might appreciate our eCommerce-specific templates. They don’t even care about your 501(c)(3) designation.


Event templates deliver your invitation without having to worry about any additional newsletter content or design.


Sometimes it’s best to send out word on something a little more formal. Say, if you’ve been awarded a major grant, or if your executive director is feeling important, or if the celebrity on your board has recently been arrested.


Right now we’re boasting a handful of templates specifically for nonprofits. If you really like these (like I do), or if you’re a newsletter-template-title purist, these are for you.