Sep 21, 2007

MailChimp’s Live Chat With a King

Today, we had the great honor of live chatting with King Erediawa, of Benin Land. He initiated the live chat on, and spoke with our customer service team. Apparently, the king was looking for an email inbox service. You know, so he could send business proposals to a few bazillion colleagues. When he realized we didn’t offer inboxes, he still was kind enough to give us a chance to invest in his opportunity. For this reason alone, you should consider adding LivePerson chat to your website. This is a transcript of our chat with the king…

MailChimp: hello, how can i help you?
King Erediawa: Dont you have inbox to send mail from this site to other recipient?
MailChimp: we are not an inbox service
King Erediawa: ok
King Erediawa: well i just supcrime because i want to propose business to friends
King Erediawa: i dont even know you you will be intrested in the deal
MailChimp: what kind of deal?
King Erediawa: well since you guy do not manage inbox is of no use for me then.
King Erediawa: Partinership in business
MailChimp: what kind of business?

King Erediawa: Well self introduction. I am The King of Benin Land and owner of the following companies: Chairman CEO:(Dipson rubber industry)Chairman CEO: Menatep SBP Bank (A well reputable financial institution with its branches all over the world) SOURCE OF FUNDS:The documents of the above funds in question was handed over to me to be used in payment of an American oil merchant for his last oil dealwith my my company.
King Erediawa: I have an  excess of US$116m usd (One hundred and Sixteen million United States Dollars), which I seek your partnership.You will be rewarded with 20% of the total sum for been a partner in this transaction.Can you be my partner on this transaction?
MailChimp: we may be interested in a partnership, do you have access to monkeys?
King Erediawa: Yes of cos
King Erediawa: Much Access to them
MailChimp: we’re interested in families of monkeys
MailChimp: but they must be friendly monkeys
King Erediawa: I have thousans of them Even in suply. Please can you send me mail to my private email address and tell me your intress for ae to proceed?
MailChimp: we’ve had problems with cheap monkeys and we’re looking for high quality mammals.
King Erediawa: I have all king of monkey in my factry Well Trains ok
King Erediawa: Send me mail to my private emil address at:
MailChimp: are they ISO9000 certified?
King Erediawa: yes
King Erediawa: I have anough in my factry, All time
King Erediawa: i have king kong but is still yong
MailChimp: can they be Microsoft Gold Certified?
King Erediawa: i still have other mighty monkeys that can even do whatever i ask them to do
MailChimp: how can you ship the monkeys to us?
King Erediawa: How you do you mean you want to see them through here?
King Erediawa: that why i told you to send us and email then we get back to you without delay
King Erediawa: but if i can ask, What about my inicial proposal, Are intrested in that,
King Erediawa: ?
MailChimp: we had a bad experience with the last King we spoke with, he did not deliver the monkeys as promised
King Erediawa: listern now, you are not the first company or individual i suply, When i give you the charge and you pay, I deliver it to your destination without any delay
King Erediawa: still give you the arrival time and particular that will guarrantee sucessful deliver
MailChimp: that sounds like great customer service
MailChimp: do you have a free trial?
King Erediawa: free trial of what?
MailChimp: of monkeys
MailChimp: if the trial is good we will be requesting 3 pallets of monkeys
King Erediawa: How do you mean, are you not a business personaly, How do think its posoible for me to transact a business for free of chjarg
King Erediawa: i am sory i dont havce free trial
MailChimp: no i am sorry for the misunderstanding my king
MailChimp: i only meant for a small trial
MailChimp: perhaps 3 monkeys
MailChimp: because surely 2 will die in shipping


MailChimp: And we only request small monkeys for the trial period sire.
King Erediawa: you tell me the size you want and i take it down and give you exactly what you want?
MailChimp: Do you offer accessories?
MailChimp: Shoes, hats, and small purses and such?
MailChimp: Such that would fit a small monkey
MailChimp: In usa, such items are difficult to come by
King Erediawa: that is my business and i have everything to sactisfy my customers ok
MailChimp: In your country, the king is allowed to own business too?
King Erediawa: if your company want to do business with me, I have give you my email address, Mail me there and tell me what and what you want and i will be thereby suply you, give you exactly what you want ok?
MailChimp: what is your email address?
King Erediawa:
MailChimp: Is this a secure email?
MailChimp: I did not realize you also own Yahoo.
King Erediawa: very much secure
King Erediawa: have you send the mail?
MailChimp: Did you get it?
MailChimp: It may be in your spam folder
King Erediawa: wait let me check
King Erediawa: ok
MailChimp: I get so much spam from nigeria and such, that most of my email goes in junk folder
King Erediawa: but i have never got it
King Erediawa: you dont get the email address well
MailChimp: Is there another email address I can try?
King Erediawa:
MailChimp: Does royal king highness have his own domain name yet?
King Erediawa: that one is ok
MailChimp: Perhaps from
King Erediawa: keep the email address safe and mail there, i will get it
MailChimp: we have need for much monkey
MailChimp: do you have any other means to reach you?
King Erediawa: i mean as much your company want with gurantee
King Erediawa: i do a clear business
MailChimp: monkey business?
King Erediawa: i mean send me mail i will get back to you on your request
King Erediawa: ok
MailChimp: ok
MailChimp: a thousand thank yous
MailChimp: your highness
King Erediawa: you are welcomz
King Erediawa: if the mail is not going sign up yahoo and mail me from there
King Erediawa: or you give me name i sign up for you now
MailChimp: Roger Waters
MailChimp: but i do not want more email address
MailChimp: I get too much spam
MailChimp: we will send you email
MailChimp: after we fill out monkey requisition papers
King Erediawa: ok wait i will open for you right now
MailChimp: I must go now
MailChimp: monkeys are causing problems in office
MailChimp: this why we need good quality
MailChimp: they will not work hard enough for us
MailChimp: must go punish. Look for my email soon
MailChimp: fare thee well, your highness.

The king was a very pleasant man, and I just wish we had more time to speak with him. Oh well. For some really good conversations, we highly recommend you check out