Jun 3, 2008

MailChimp plugins for Drupal, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Zen Cart

firefoxscreensnapz001.jpgEver wish there was a simple plugin that allowed you to add MailChimp’s list management and delivery power to your CMS, e-commerce cart, or blog? Some crafty MailChimp customers wished the same thing, and have used the powerful MailChimp API to create plugins for Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Zen Cart, and more. And we’ve created a "/plugins" directory to showcase their work:


[update: most of the Ruby on Rails "plugins" were actually API Wrappers and thus are on our API downloads page: http://blog.mailchimp.com/api/downloads/]

The latest is from Scott Wilson, aka ThatSoftwareGuy, who created a discounts plugin for Zen Cart. Pretty nifty!

Developers, if you’ve got a plugin, be sure to tell us about it. If we post your plugin, we’ll send you a Chumby as a thank-you gift.