May 23, 2014

MailChimp Mobile Features You May Have Missed

It’s crazy to think we’ve been updating MailChimp Mobile for 4 years now. Since our first release in 2010, we’ve seen a few mobile platform updates, the launch of a redesigned iOS and Android version of the app, and plenty of feature requests from our 6 million and counting users. So we thought we’d take a look at some of the features you might have missed along the way.

Nearby subscribers


Traveling to a conference this summer? Open up your list in MailChimp Mobile when you arrive at your destination and try out Nearby subscribers. We’ll use the location data from your phone to find subscribers within 40 kilometers of where you’re standing. Maybe you’ve got a few VIPs in the area. Tap through to one of their profiles, then shoot a quick note to schedule a meeting or buy them coffee.

Search and add notes


If you have a chance to meet a subscriber in person (whether it’s via Nearby subscribers, or at a local event or storefront), it can be helpful to learn a little bit about them first. MailChimp Mobile lets you do this right inside the app. Use the global search function to pull up information on any subscriber or campaign, view their activity, or access a one-click email link. It’s easy to tap and add notes after your meetup, too.

Explore list growth


MailChimp’s list overview breaks down your growth by 30 Days, 7 Days, or 1 Day—just tap the chart bar to see the subscribers for each period. This is great way to browse subscribers in small batches and look for VIPs to add. (You can also tap through to browse all of your current VIPs from the list overview.

Mobile preview

MailChimp offers live previews of your mobile campaigns, even when you’re working from a desktop. But, like your readers, you’re often on to the go, too—and that’s why we built Push to MailChimp Mobile. You can send a test campaign to an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry device, see what it will look like, and make edits without having to send a test email for every change. Keep tweaking and refreshing. Heel, toe, heel, toe, hop forward.

Comments and sending

MailChimp Mobile’s comments and sending come in pretty handy when you’re collaborating on a campaign—you can comment, reply, and preview draft campaigns from just about any device. And when the campaign is ready, schedule or send with just a few taps.


You can even work offline—say, in the car on the way to get BBQ—with MailChimp Editor. It offers full drag-and-drop functionality on the iPad. (Wonder Twin powers activate!) If you already have our Editor app installed, tap the edit icon on a draft campaign in MailChimp Mobile to have Editor open it for designing and editing.


After your campaign is sent, kick back and relax. Once the stats start rolling in, you can view reports in MailChimp Mobile, too.

Our mobile work is never done.

When we started experimenting with MailChimp Mobile way back in 2008, we had a hunch it would be an important part of MailChimp’s life. And we were right. Every year our annual report keeps showing huge increases in mobile usage, and we’re gonna keep updating and improving the experience for you.

There’s another MailChimp Mobile update right around the corner, which will include even more reporting options (like A/B split results), and we’ve just published a new version of our QR code scanning app. For you Android users, Chimpadeedoo, MailChimp Mobile, and Editor have all been updated on Google Play recently. Expect to see more there in the future as well. Phew! Better get back to it.