May 14, 2008

MailChimp Joins MAAWG

logo_maawg.gifWe just joined MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group). In case you’ve never heard of MAAWG, it’s a global organization founded in 2004 by some pretty heavy hitters in the communications industry. These are the ginormous ISPs battling bazillions of chunks of spam a day.

They all get together and create best practices and policies like (PDF downloads):

When big ISPs make recommendations on abuse desk practices, and email marketing delivery, we figure we should be a part of the conversation.

MAAWG is also composed of members in the anti-spam industry, and email reputation (like our friends at ReturnPath). Every time MAAWG publishes a document or set of guidelines, we read it forward and backward, to make sure MailChimp (and our customers) follow recommended best practices.

In fact, that’s why we’re members of other email industry groups, such as:

We stay up to date, so you and your clients stay up to date.