Feb 14, 2012

MailChimp Getting Started Webinar

Raul and James

Raul and I are teachers at MailChimp Academy. The word "teacher" may have all sorts of connotations for you, from Ben Stein’s nasally economics lectures in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to that iconic Van Halen song. But we don’t wear pocket protectors or dish out detention slips—we’re more like Jack Black in School Of Rock. We love what we do, and we want to teach others how to send awesome campaigns.

We’ve developed a rhythm for this presentation over the years, teaching over 14,000 folks in 2011, making it easy, comfortable, and fun to get started with MailChimp. The bread and butter of our live presentations is the Getting Started Webinar. We walk attendees through three simple steps: creating lists, creating campaigns, and analyzing reports. I present from the perspective of a rock band, The Chimps, announcing a world tour.

The Chimps

Raul presents from the outlook of a gastropub, sharing some recipes and upcoming events.
Chez Raul

The webinar runs about 40 minutes, and is always followed by a question and answer session. Did we mention that there are prizes for our most attentive pupils?

Webinar Screenshot
Attentiveness is measured by whether the webinar screen is the front window on our attendee’s computer.

The Q&A is our favorite part. It’s a conversation that allows us to connect with our students in a way that shapes how we host our future sessions. Moreover, it provides our users with the small-classroom environment professors from here to Kiribati say is the best way to both engage and educate.

Beyond actual human contact, the value of attending these webinars is that we’re giving you years of expertise and know-how for free. Free! Like a face-melting Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar solo or those magical words at a restaurant, “on the house."

So quit procrastinating already—it’s time to go to class! Register now.