Dec 16, 2008

How Adding Product Photos Bumped Click Rate Almost 50%

When Aarron (our head of MailChimp usability), isn’t working on our interface, he’s using it to help his wife send out email campaigns for her local pottery business, Soup Studios.

Here’s a tip Aarron learned from a recent campaign, that he wanted to share with our readers.

"Normally, we don’t have a lot of time to really sit down and take pictures of products. We just take one big picture, link it to our website, and hope people browse around to buy. We knew we needed to add product photos, but just never had the time."

If that sounds a little too familiar, read on to see why you might want to spend more time with that digital camera of yours…

Here’s a past campaign that Aarron sent in October:

Click the image to open up an archive of the full campaign. It’s beautiful, but as you can see, it’s only got one product photo.

It talks about all the different ornaments available, and how you can check them out at the website. How many people actually clicked?

Here are his click rate stats from this campaign:

He’s got his industry set to "art" so that he can compare his stats to other artists who use MailChimp. He’s doing much better than the industry, but slightly worse than the average for his list (11.6%).

For his next campaign, Aarron took the time to take lots of separate product photos (and placed them over an interesting background of beans):

The result? Having "more stuff to click" definitely raised his click rate almost 50% higher than his list average:

Aarron mentioned that after the campaign was sent, he often used the little pulldown on his campaign stats to switch his industry settings from "Art" to "E-Commerce"to get a bigger picture of his overall performance:

By the way, those wonderful stats are free, and come from our Chimp Charts database. Warning: they’re highly addictive.