Aug 19, 2009

Google Analytics Stats Inside MailChimp

site-analytics360A little while ago, Google called us on the phone.

You’d think that seeing "Google, Mountain View" on your caller ID would make us pretty excited. But the truth is, it’s more of a frightening experience (along the lines of, "Oh God did we break the internet?).

Turns out it wasn’t so bad…

They had opened up access to their awesome Analytics product through an API. This basically means you can program applications that go in and grab stats from a Google Analytics account.

They wanted to grant us (along with some other lucky beta testers) special access to the API, allowing us to greatly improve our old Google Analytics integration (which involved scraping email reports sent to you by Google — not very reliable if you got duplicate emails, or emails got junked, or if they changed the format of emails).

Long story short, that API experience eventually allowed us to create this new feature.

Google Analytics Stats Within MailChimp

In addition to all the other cool reports you get with MailChimp, you can now see how your email campaigns are affecting your overall site traffic:


Google Analytics stats embedded in MailChimp

The graph in the screenshot represents your website traffic. The little blue dots are email campaigns you’ve sent. If you hover over any of those little blue dots, they make a tiny little monkey-screaming noise (just kidding) and we provide a link to your email campaign archive  so you can see which campaign caused traffic to spike.

You’ll love this new feature if you’re an e-retailer (because I know you people are stats freaks).

You can click the tabs above the graph to filter results by "organic traffic, cpc traffic, email-generated traffic," and more:


There are a bunch of other stats that we pull from your Analytics account below that chart:


How to turn it on

To get the stats, you’ll need to integrate your MailChimp account with your Analytics account. You do that under the "Account" page in MailChimp, then go to the new integrations panel:

MailChimp integrations panel

MailChimp integrations panel

Activate Google Analytics syncing there, then you’ll see your stats under the "Reports" tab:


Click on the new "Site Analytics" button:


The idea isn’t to totally replace Google Analytics. If you’re a stats freak (like me), you’re still going to go log in to Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Mint, YouCalc, WordPress stats, etc. It’s just a way to show you more relevant stats while you’re logged in to MailChimp and checking campaign performance.

In addition to, "how many opens, clicks, and purchases did my email get?" we can also directly answer the question, "how much traffic did my email campaign actually drive to my website?"