May 7, 2010

Customize Your Unsub Form with LOLcats

donotwantTotally random MailChimp Power Tip time.

Our marketing team has this — ahem– secret mailing list for people who want to win MailChimp stuff (like t-shirt giveaways, plushies, etc). Subscribers basically get advance notice before we post to the public. Since the premise of the list is prize-related, we fully expect people will come and go often.

So I wanted to customize our unsub success form with some LOLcat humor…

Here’s how I did it.

Go to your list, and click the "forms" link:


Next, go to your "Unsubscribe Success Page:"


Click the "content area" to edit:


Go to iCanHazCheezburger, and grab a picture (use their embed code):


Embed that code into your unsub success page (be sure to switch to "source" mode):


be sure you click the "save & exit" button:


then go and test it all out by unsubscribing from your list:


There. When people leave our list, hopefully they’ll get one last chuckle.

I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is no, you don’t have to use LOLcats to customize your unsub form.

This process also works with LOLdogs as well.

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