Dec 21, 2011

Customer Love: Weyerbacher

Each week, Customer Love offers a quick snapshot of one of MailChimp’s awesome users.

Who: Weyerbacher 

What: A craft brewery specializing in bold beers for adventurous beer lovers

Where: Easton, PA

Why we love them: Sixteen years ago, when homebrewer Dan Weirback and his wife, Sue, started Weyerbacher in an Eastern Pennsylvania livery stable, the goal was to make mainstream microbrews. They realized they were mistaken two years later after brewing a Raspberry Imperial Stout and basking in the positive reception. Pivoting to focus on "full-flavored high-quality brews," the years since have been filled with barleywines, gigantic India Pale Ales and Belgian yeasts. "We haven’t looked back," Dan writes on the Weyerbacher site.

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