Mar 26, 2009

Campaign opens, clicks over time for autoresponders

So we’ve been working on autoresponders for v4.1 for a while, and are going to be launching it in a few days.

One of the things that concerned our engineers during the build out was, "How would customers judge the effectiveness of autoresponder campaigns?" How would reporting be different from regular campaigns, if at all?

So they’re introducing a new report just for autoresponder campaigns (they’ll probably do it for all campaigns someday too):


Here’s the idea.

Let’s say you setup a series of scheduled campaigns.

Like, "Top 10 banana recipes" for new customers. After someone signs up to your list, you want a recipe to go to them each month for 10 months.

You let it run for a little while, then you decide to tweak autoresponder #6’s design. After you tweak the design, you need to know if opens and clicks went up or down for that autoresponder.

So you look at the "Opens and clicks over time" report for autoresponder #6, and check out your open rates and click rates before and after your changes.