Tara is a product marketing liaison at MailChimp. Before that, she was a member of our social support team. She also writes for CommonCreativ ATL and enjoys slurping noodles.

How Happy Socks Spreads Happiness Through Automation

During the holiday season, lots of people will be making first-time purchases and subscribing to newsletters in search of deals. Using email marketing to boost sales or interest in your brand is important. Happy Socks developed a plan that works.

Announcing Our Google Primer Partnership

If you run your own business, you probably wear a lot of hats. You’re the strategist, always trying to move the company forward. You’re the marketer, posting to social media and emailing customers about new products and sales. You’re the inventory manager, making sure you have enough product in stock. You’re the accountant, budgeting expenses and …

Sync Your Data Across Platforms with MailChimp and Zapier

If you run a small business, there’s a good chance your customer data is spread out across a number of different apps or web services. Without the proper resources, it can be difficult—not to mention time-consuming—to create automated workflows that sync data across all of those different platforms. But Zapier can help. Zapier is a …

Grow Your List with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier

For growing companies, reaching potential customers can be tough. Blog and social media posts can help with traffic and SEO, but they often aren’t enough, and there isn’t always room in the budget to launch an ad campaign. That’s where Facebook’s ad features come in. For years, Facebook has helped empower businesses of all shapes …

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