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BonLook’s Data-Driven Emails

If you’ve ever shopped for glasses, you know that one size never, ever fits all. Online eyewear retailer BonLook knows this, too, which is why their website offers a virtual try-on feature and a perfect fit questionnaire to help guide customers through their hundreds of stylish, vintage-inspired options. The Montreal-based company, which began selling to …

Rockhouse Partners Start Parties With Geolocation

Rockhouse Partners call themselves "a technology-based entertainment agency," but what they really do is connect musicians, businesses, and entertainers with their fans. From Lollapalooza to the Tennessee State Fair, John Mayer to The Loveless Cafe, Rockhouse helps its clients find interesting and thoughtful ways to interact with their customers via email. A lot of the time, …

Geolocation in MailChimp

Geolocation features added to MailChimp allows for location targeting and scheduled deliveries by recipient timezones