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Inactive Subscribers are Still Valuable Customers

Preview for Inactive Subscribers are Still Valuable Customers

You love your engaged customers. They read your emails, click your links, and buy your products. With customers like this, it’s clear you’re doing something right. Nice work. But what about those other people? You know, the ones who don’t even open your emails? They signed up for your list, but you’re not really sure if they …

Competing with the World Cup for Subscribers’ Attention

The 2014 World Cup is underway, and chances are you’ve watched a game or two or ten. (Maybe the insane Germany/Brazil match yesterday?) At the very least, you’ve heard someone shouting “Goooooooalllll!!!!” in an adjacent room. With an event this big, the world pays attention. And that means the world isn’t paying attention to other things. Like calories, data …

How Member Ratings Work

If you ever tried to segment a list by engagement, you may have wondered about our member-activity rating. I’m talking about the little stars that look like restaurant reviews for your subscribers. I’m not sure how five-star restaurants get their rating, but I suspect it’s a little different than email. To come up with a …

Using Posterous To Drive Facebook Fan Engagement

In June of this year I decided to set up an offshoot of the MailChimp blog on Posterous. The site bills itself as "a dead simple way to post everything online using email." With a full-blown Wordpress blog, in addition to our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account, you might be wondering why in the world I’d want another site to maintain. The simple answer: the more I use Posterous, the more I love it! — Especially for the particular niche it serves.