Dec 30, 2010

Changes to Social Pro Feature

Wanted to give our users a heads-up that our Social Pro feature will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks. We’ve been informed by our data provider, Rapleaf, that they will no longer be offering the social data found in Social Pro as of Dec. 31st. The reason for all this? It’s a long story that involves referrer IDs, cookies, and advertising. But to summarize, Rapleaf offers two services. One of their services (which we don’t use) is primarily for advertising, and involves cookies. One aspect of that service recently came under some scrutiny by the WSJ (you can read Rapleaf’s technical response here), so they’re making a bunch of changes in response to all this. Those changes will impact the customer insight data that we use for Social Pro…

Rapleaf is launching a new API that will still include actionable data like age, gender, and influence, but a lot of the social data, including the really popular Faces feature we introduced in September, are going away. On the one hand, the social data was pretty darn cool, so this is a bummer. On the other hand, age and gender are really useful for email marketers too. So we’re currently trying to decide whether we should keep the demographic data and rename the feature, or keep it as "Social Pro" and work in some of our other social features (plus some new ones in the works).

At the moment though, we’ve got a bunch of other priorities we’re focused on for early 2011, so Social Pro will simply be "paused" for now. We’ll be circling back around to it very soon though.