Sep 29, 2009

Zendesk, Zoho, Javelin, and more integrations

We launched MailChimp v4.3.2 last night, and are excited to announce that our list of integrations has grown (gasp, there’s a third row of logos now!):


Zendesk is an awesome help desk app, which is also part of the Small Business Web (so you can further integrate with Batchbook, Freshbooks, and more wonderful apps in the network).

Ever since we posted about our integration with Salesforce, people have been asking for Zoho, Javelin, and other CRM integrations as well. We can only integrate so fast, so it helps when other companies actually take the first step and integrate with us (our API documentation is pretty thorough). Batchbook did this, and it helped kickstart a wonderful relationship. Hint hint. Anyway, Javelin integrated with us a while back all on their own, and it impressed us. So we looked at their API and integrated right back at them. I hear they’re working on more.

Another popular request is SugarCRM, and we hear that a company is actually working on this. They’ve formed a group in the MailChimp Jungle for SugarCRM + MailChimp users. If you’re interested, you might want to give them some feedback, wishlist requests, etc.

There are a couple more exciting integrations in that screenshot, but we’ll post more details on those a little later.