Mar 9, 2010

Your Tweets Added To MailChimp Site Analytics

thm-twitter-trackingOops, I can’t believe I forgot to mention during the launch of MailChimp v5 that we added tweet tracking to your MailChimp Site Analytics360 report. For those of you who don’t know, there’s a great big button under your MailChimp Reports tab where our Google Analytics users can get the ultimate birds-eye-view of how your email campaigns, CPC campaigns, and referrals influence traffic to your website. All from within MailChimp.

It’s called the Site Analytics360 report, which I used in this blog post to troubleshoot some strange open rate behavior in my email list (see: Why did my open rates change?)

Anyway, now we’re also showing your tweets on the report’s timeline, so you can see if (and how) twitter is affecting your overall site traffic. BTW, if you like stats and reports mashups, and you’re a blogger, you might also enjoy our WordPress Analytics Plugin (more than 23,000 downloads and counting).