Jul 10, 2008

Your First Email Marketing Project: A Step-by-Step Guide from MailChimp

first-email-project_thm.jpgIf you’re a web developer, consultant, or project manager that’s just been put in charge of your first email marketing campaign, you may feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of topics to research:

  • Email design & coding
  • Spam laws
  • Spam filters
  • List management best practices
  • ISPs

We just posted a free guide covering all the basics to help you get started (and not look like an idiot): Your First Email Marketing Project

It also covers stuff that most people (ahem, me) learned the hard way, or way after-the-fact. Like "Gosh, I guess we should have setup some separate email accounts before we sent this," and "gosh, I suppose I could have planned this out more…." and "gosh, I guess we should have updated our privacy policy with…" and "Gosh, I could have totally billed for that…"