Nov 21, 2008

You Push A Button, And A Picture Comes Out.

By now, everybody knows how Polaroid instant cameras work: You push a button, and a picture pops out. It’s not even all that fascinating anymore, is it?

But when they first came out, it was rocket science. I mean, we’re talking about space age, high tech stuff here. Transistors, aspheric lenses, turquoise opacificier films, and self-powered film modules.

Check out this classic "product demo" of the Polaroid SX-70 (awesome movie for geeks and photography buffs).

They took from 0:55 to 1:28 to explain that basically, "you click a button, and a picture comes out."

Granted, when this was new, they were talking to "early adopters." And that’s how you talk when technology is new. It wasn’t a "pack of instant film." It was an "integral, self-processing film unit, which when exposed…"

But eventually, new technology gets simple, more powerful, and easier to use. You click a button, and it works. Then the whole world can use it. Then, you can make it fun.

Today, most people talk about email marketing like this film talks about the SX-70. It’s complicated, there’s lots of back story, technology, spam laws, best practices, ISPs, and on and on. True.

But at MailChimp, our goal is to make email marketing easy and fun.

We take powerful email marketing stuff like:

and we make it easy.

You just push a button, and it works.

We’re even working on making email template design an easy, one-click process. Gentlemen, we have the technology