Feb 17, 2010

Yahoo stops preferred delivery for Goodmail

You may have seen the announcement over at Laura Atkins’ blog about Yahoo no longer giving preferred delivery to Goodmail certified messages. I’ve got no insight as to why this might be, and have zero opinion about Goodmail anymore.

But I did find this comment from Laura very relevant to something we’re doing at MailChimp:

"Quite frankly, I am unsurprised by this. My impression of Goodmail has always been they never really understood the role of a certifying agency. For any certifying agency to be successful, they must continually monitor certified customers and enforce standards. Goodmail’s initial certification process was fine, but they never seemed to follow through on the monitoring and enforcement."

That part about how "they must continually monitor"? I can’t blame Goodmail. That’s extremely hard to do! In a way, MailChimp tried to do this sorta thing ourselves…

We used to give preferential treatment to reputable accounts who passed an internal gut-check. But we learned the hard way that even good users can go bad, and then taint your best IP range.

To truly monitor a sender and protect your infrastructure’s deliverability from bad behavior, you have to watch all their activity, 24/7. And that’s hard for an ESP in the self-serve business like us. We have a  human abuse desk team. But continually monitoring 260,000+ users sending close to 20 million emails a day? Hiring more human reviewers is simply not scalable.

This is the very reason we started the MailChimp Omnivore project.