Feb 12, 2009

Yahoo Adding Links to Your Email Content?

Our friend Tanya (dezignsbyt) started an interesting discussion in the MailChimp Jungle.

It seems YahooMail is automatically inserting links onto products that they find in email campaigns. In some cases, it can produce unexpected and unwanted results. She also provides a little workaround to prevent it from interfering with any of your important links.

It’s kind of a useful and cool feature (inserts map links, financial info, etc), but has anyone out there experienced any problems with their email campaigns from this?

I checked my YahooMail account, to see if I could catch this in action.  Saw this in an email from DailyCandy:


So I clicked on the little [?] icon in the pop-up, and got this:


Clicking on their link to the "Shortcuts Help Page" gave me a 404 error, so I found this instead: http://shortcuts.yahoo.com/

which seems to be a WordPress plugin. But it gives a little more detail about what they’re doing with Y!Shortcuts in general.

Interesting idea with the Flickr integration.

Let us know if you’ve seen this in your own email campaigns, and if you’ve experienced anything weird.