Jan 26, 2009

Wufoo Form Integration With MailChimp

Updated (April 16, 2010): Wufoo just made MailChimp integration even better. Details on their blog: Building single and double opt-in forms with Wufoo

UPDATE: When we first did this integration, it was a simple way to grab data from Wufoo. Wufoo has since created their own, more robust, way to integrate with MailChimp, which is documented on the Wufoo blog.

Wufoo is a magical online service that makes it easy, fast and fun to build your own forms. People use wufoo to build contact forms, event registrations, party RSVPs, quick surveys, and more.

We just made it really easy and seamless to pass your wufoo registration data to MailChimp. It’s free, and no coding is required. Here’s how it all works…


Every wufoo form can publish registration information to an RSS feed. You can give MailChimp the address of that feed, and we’ll import new registrations into your MailChimp list. MailChimp will check your wufoo form’s feed every hour on the hour.

Step 1: Activate Notifications on Wufoo.

Log in to Wufoo, find the form you want to integrate with MailChimp. Click that form’s "Notifications" link:

Step 2: Subscribe to "New Entries" Feed.

Look for the "to My Feedreader" options, and select "New Entries." Wufoo will ask you for your password (for security purposes). Then, wufoo will take you to your form’s feed URL. Copy that to your clipboard, or leave it open in a browser tab/window.

Step 3: Turn on Wufoo in MailChimp

Sign in to MailChimp (do this in a new tab, or browser window). In the top navigation, click over to your "Account" tab. It’s towards the right, under the talking chimp:

On the Account page, select "Add-ons"

There are lots of add-ons to choose from. Marvel in all the glorious options. But stay focused. Get wufoo done, then come back for more later.

Activate the Wufoo add-on, then select "Configure"

Step 4: Give MailChimp Your Wufoo Settings

On the pop-up window, MailChimp will ask you to select the list that you want to link with Wufoo. Then, give MailChimp your Wufoo form feed URL, plus your Wufoo username and password.

Step 5: Jump for Joy (*required)

Jump up and down and scream, Woo-hoo! Wufoo! MailChimp will not work unless you actually do this.

After you’ve got the Wufoo notifications link setup, all new registrations to your Wufoo form will be pulled from that Wufoo feed into your MailChimp list.They’re not instantaneous. MailChimp checks every hour for new members to import, so it may take time to see the list being populated. The more you watch it, the longer it’ll take, too. It’s like waiting for water to boil.

Note that the Wufoo feed is basically your "new registrants." If you’ve got years and years of old contact information saved in Wufoo, those can be imported into MailChimp "the old fashioned way" on our import page.