Jun 23, 2006

World Cup Email Campaigns

Thm_sottoChef Riccardo Ullio, owner of Atlanta’s Fritti and Sotto Sotto Restaurants, recently used MailChimp to send some beautifully designed World Cup emails out to his customer list. Look at that ginormous screen! Italian food and free WiFi?!?!?!? Too cool.

Fritti saw a spike in guests the day after this campaign (we can attest to that, since Mark, our lead programmer and giant soccer fan, was in that crowd). I’m sorry Mark, I meant to say "futball fan."

Fritti gives guests a card at every table to fill out their email address if they want occasional updates. It’s helped them grow a customer email list in the thousands. They send out menu changes, specials, and an occasional "do it yourself" recipe from Riccardo himself.

For the World Cup tie-in, they sent several campaigns reminding customers of upcoming games with Italy or USA.