Sep 30, 2008

Why am I smiling you ask?

…Because I’m not wearing any pants! One of the things our customers consistently comment on are the chimp’s random quotes on the account dashboard page. On more than one occasion, in fact, people have told us that they sit patiently and refresh the dashboard page just to see what the chimp will say next.

Slap me some skin! Oh wait, I dont have hands!

Our belief in life and in email has always been that approaching things with a sense of humor makes them more fun. And we’re glad to have great customers who appreciate our jokes.

In lieu of the upcoming MailChimp site redesign (oh yes folks, just you wait), we’re giving Frederick Von Chimpenheimer IV a broader arsenal of witty things to say. And who better to submit ideas than you, our brilliantly innovative users?

We want you to submit your ideas, and in exchange for your crafty quips you could win a MailChimp t-shirt! Oh yes, and let us not forget the ultimate prize– to have your words flow freely from the mouth of the MailChimp.