Sep 14, 2007

“Where the heck is Dan?”

If you’ve ever used MailChimp’s live chat button, or emailed us, or called us on the phone, chances are you’ve spoken with Dan Kurzius, our head of customer service (he’s also a co-founder). Dan’s been out of the office for about a week now, and some customers have been asking about him. No worries folks—Dan and his wife just had their first baby (it’s a girl!). Tell me that’s not the cutest little baby ever.

Dan will be out a little while longer, but in the meantime Jennifer (our new customer service expert) is filling in. I’m even taking some calls and chats too. By the way, it hurts my feelings to hear all of you say, "Can you just put Dan on the line?"

Dan will be back soon. Maybe he’ll even be up late at night now, taking the occasional live chat or email ticket?

Congratulations, Dan!