Nov 18, 2008

What’s New in MailChimp?

This past weekend, we completed our server upgrades, in order to improve system load balancing before the busy holiday season.

The holiday season is usually a time when we see email delivery volumes double or triple, so we want to be ready. On that note, we won’t be launching any new major upgrades for the next couple months, because we need to keep things niiiiiiice and stable through January.

So, we’d like to recap some of our most recent upgrades, in case you missed any of our email updates

New Features for MailChimp customers:

  1. Mobile-friendly email campaign archives (we auto-detect if subscribers are using a mobile device)
  2. Automatic HTML email designer (don’t have a graphic designer? no problem.)
  3. Free HTML email header graphics & editing via integration with Picnik (sort of like Photoshop, but in your browser. And free.)
  4. Color themes for the artistically challenged
  5. MailChimp for iPhone, Android, Yahoo! mobile – your sales team can subscribe customers, check stats in the field
  6. RSS-to-email campaigns (you blog, me deliver). Sends an HTML email campaign whenever you update your blog. Unlike Feedburner, it uses your beautiful template, and you get tracking reports.
  7. Google Analytics ROI tracking (track how much money your email campaigns made)
  8. Upgraded A/B testing interface lets you automatically optimize for best day to send, best subject line, best content
  9. Dynamic content with advanced merge tags even let you A/B test your designs
  10. "Translate this campaign" merge tag
  11. Language Support – Over 25 languages supported, like Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese, and more (plus a few pseudo-languages for fun)
  12. CSS-Inliner – we take your embedded CSS code, and automatically turn it into inline-CSS, so it renders properly in all the email readers
  13. Automatic Plain-text generator – Using the Lynx Browser, we automatically create a plain-text version of your HTML email.

Pricing Updates:

  1. Monthly pricing reduced for entry level plan (we now start as low as $10/month, or $8.50 if you’re a non-profit). If you want, you can go with the pay-as-you-go plan instead. There’s even a "free" plan. Lots of choices.
  2. Inbox Inspector pricing reduced 25% (test how your emails render in all the major email readers, and get your spam score). Plus, many people are earning free inbox inspections (and MailChimp credit) with MonkeyRewards.

Integration With Other Stuff:

Ecommerce360 plugin for shopping carts (track purchases from email campaigns)

  1. Magento
  2. ZenCart
  3. osCommerce
  4. PrestaShop


  1. WordPress
  2. TypePad (just click a button)
  3. MovableType

OpenSocial plugins for:

  1. MySpace
  2. Ning
  3. Orkut (sort of)

CRM sync’ing:

  1. Batchbook
  2. Salesforce integration coming soon

Hopefully that’s plenty for you to play with and test until January.