Mar 20, 2005

What’s New in MailChimp V2?

Here are the most notable new features and improvements in v2…

  1. Trackers are free – We don’t charge double the credits anymore for tracking.
  2. Campaign scheduling – Set a time and date for later delivery of campaigns. Be sure to set your default time zone in "My Defaults"
  3. Save as Draft – Get a campaign started, save it as a "draft" and work on it later.
  4. My Defaults – If you send very frequent newsletters,
    you can save your default from-name, reply-to, and subject line so you
    don’t have to keep re-entering it with every new campaign.
  5. Campaign Folders – Organize campaigns on your Admin
    screen into folders. Create as many folders as you want, such as for
    drafts, templates, clients, and special promos.
  6. New interface – The interface is sleek, fluid, and easy on the eyes. But we kept the chimp’s "personality" and ease of use.
  7. Better engine – We upgraded MailChimp’s delivery engine, as well. He’s even more powerful and efficient than before.
  8. 1-click trackers – You don’t have to insert tracking
    code anymore. Just check the "track clicks" and "track opens" boxes,
    and MailChimp handles the rest. You can still insert single trackers on each link, if you want.
  9. Unique tracking – In addition to aggregate tracking, we provide unique measurements (99 people opened 125 times).
  10. Saves full bounce messages – We now save full bounced messages, so you can read their headers and determine exactly why they bounced.
  11. More price plans – We expanded the price plan offerings for both light and heavy users
  12. Saves past invoices – Stores all your receipts.
  13. Online Help Center – We’ve centralized all the help files and links
    into one central location for easy access. Click the "Help" link
    in the top navigation bar.
  14. Customize your To: field – Use MERGE filters to address each email to the recipient’s name, instead of their email address.

There are lots of interface enhancements, too. Our favorite comment so far was when a user told us, "It’s great—you made it more powerful, but you kept the chimp’s personality!" That’s exactly what we were shooting for.

It’s worth noting that we couldn’t cram everything into 2.0, so we’re already working on additions for 2.1. Then, there’s a big list of enhancements for 2.2 right after that. With the new platform we developed, enhancements will be way easier than before.