Jun 12, 2006

What’s a Normal Spam Complaint Rate?

When I recently posted about our spam complaint threshold, I used some examples from a few long-term MailChimp users with large, well-managed lists.

  • Using double opt-in, you can expect about a 0.01% spam complaint rate (yep, from the very people who gave you permission to email them)
  • Using single opt-in, you can expect about a 0.02% spam complaint rate

My stats were far from scientifically determined. But I just recently came across this article over at Email Marketing Best Practices. It’s a case study (by Kirill Popov and Loren McDonald at Clickz) about a marketer that dramatically increased their email frequency from 5 times a month, to 12 times a month. They made more money, but more people opted-out, and more people reported them for spamming:

"More dramatically, the per-mailing spam complaint rate increased nearly
sixfold, from an average per mailing of 0.009 percent to 0.057 percent
for the 12-times mailings. But over a month, spam complaints increased
1,300 percent, from a monthly rate of 0.046 percent to 0.646 percent
for the 12-times mailings."

Interesting to see more stats somewhat in line with ours. The article goes on to discuss how in the long term, the list would lose so many customers, they’d end up losing money (heck, just think of all the extra time and money it would cost just to send an email campaign 12 times a month!).

What’s your normal spam complaint rate? Here’s how to find it in MailChimp