Oct 19, 2009

What should Vampire Freddie say this Halloween?

vampire-freddieLike I said, we’re already getting into the Halloween spirit here at MailChimp. Our super cool Halloween email templates are now available in the app (go check ’em out!).

Also, you know how Freddie (btw, MailChimp’s full name is Frederick von Chimpenheimer the IVth) talks to you while you’re using the app? A lot of those one-liners came from our own customers, from all over the world.

We’ve actually had a lot of success getting our customers to submit funny one-liners, so we’re going to try this again with a fun Halloween promotion…

Tell us what Vampire Freddie should say

Just go to mailchimp.com/halloween and submit a little Halloween related "Freddie Witticism."

Even if you don’t want to participate, it’s worth checking out our Halloween landing page just to watch the slightly disturbing video our creative team came up with. Here’s a snapshot:


Hey, it’s for Halloween.

Anyway, on October 23rd, we’ll pick our two favorites, and put them into the MailChimp app.

If we pick yours, we’ll send you a ginormous MailChimp plushie (in trick-or-treating costume):


We’ve commissioned DarcyArts (check out her Etsy page) to build these limited edition Halloween chimps.

She’s the same artist who created our normal MailChimp plushies:


but these will be wearing spooky little Halloween masks.

Note: These things are huge. I’m talking virtually actual chimp sized. I’ve got one of Darcy’s original prototypes at home, and I will admit that it sometimes scares the bejeezus outta me at night. So yeah, it would be very effective to keep one of these on your desk at work to ward off evil managers.