Nov 2, 2005

What Email Applications Should You Test?

Just out of curiosity, we recently scanned a little over 100,000 recipients within managed email lists on the MailChimp system, to see what the most popular email accounts would be. Here’s the top 10 list:

  1. wins, at 12% of all recipients
  2. 10%
  3. 8%
  4. 2%
  5. 2%
  6. 2%
  7. 2%
  8. 1%
  9. 1%
  10. 1%
  11. all others: 59%

So Test Your Email Campaigns
That should give you some idea of what to test your email campaigns in. Before we send our own email campaigns, we run them through a quick QA checklist, which covers the most popular operating systems and email applications (AOL., Yahoo, and Hotmail are definitely on our list). If you want, you can download the email application checklist that we use here.