Oct 7, 2008

Webjam 2008 Session – Email Design 101

Last Friday I spoke at WebJam Session 2008. My session was "Email Design 101." I was a little nervous talking about anything "101" to a group of experienced web designers, but fortunately, email marketing is still fairly nebulous. So it seemed to be new material for a lot of people. The session went well, except for two things:

  1. I ran out of time, and
  2. Someone chimp-napped our lifesize MailChimp sign from the lobby of the conference center, and is now posting ransom messages on twitter.

Re: the MailChimp sign, I *wish* we had the foresight to plan this kind of "gorilla marketing," but we’re not that smart. Someone actually stole Frederick von Chimpenheimer IV from the event. Of course we don’t mind, but it’s fun playing along.

Anyway, I promised attendees to my session that I’d post some resources here on the blog, so here goes…

Here are a bunch of resources I discussed in my Email Design 101 presentation:

Spam filters:

Server Filters:

Email tracking, performance, ROI:

To all the attendees, I’m sorry my presentation had to cut off so soon. I rehearsed a million times for it to be exactly one hour, not realizing it was supposed to be only 45 minutes. I’m schedules-lexic that way. My biggest regret is that nobody got to see my truly awesome slide transition towards the end. Oh man, the fade in was sooooo cool.

So I’ll be posting my entire presentation online for you shortly. Hmm, maybe I’ll go in and insert transitions into all the slides before I post. Yeah, that’s the ticket.