Jun 6, 2012

Web Form Builder from CoffeeCup Integrates with MailChimp

CoffeeCup’s Web Form Builder is a desktop app that helps you create handsome, powerful, customized forms for all kinds of events and functions and then publish them on your website. Web Form Builder makes it easy to design a form, upload it to your site, and retain the information you collect in your database. It’s available for Windows and OS X.

The CoffeeCup Form Builder to MailChimp integration connects your surveys, petitions, invitations, and other forms to your MailChimp list. Once you publish your form online, information submitted through it will be delivered straight to MailChimp. When people sign up, your form can automatically segment them based on the information you collect. You can even manage multiple MailChimp lists with just one form, collect payments, and take advantage of Web Form Builder’s impressive list of features.

Let’s say that you’re a nonprofit, and potential donors occasionally visit your office for a behind-the-scenes tour. You might want to create a simple form that groups their contact information so you can thank everyone later. Web Form Builder makes it easy to just drag and drop the elements you’d like to use or edit the predesigned templates to your liking.

Once you’re finished designing your form, you’ll need to create a form in MailChimp with identical elements and options. That way, MailChimp can recognize your form and accurately translate the information it collects.

Next, go back to Web Form Builder, click the "Settings" button, and sync your MailChimp and Web Form Builder fields. Avoid error messages by making sure each field has a 25 character maximum, and that the email address field is required.

Upload your new form to your company’s site, test it out, and watch the money pile up. Or, more likely, the email subscribers.

Not Just for Signup Forms

This integration doesn’t stop at collecting subscribers. You easily can design different, more complex forms that ask for more detailed info. For instance, if your organization hosts house parties to encourage engagement, you might want feedback from those who attended.

Maybe you learn that the board member who locked the doors "until everyone makes a generous contribution" isn’t the optimal host. Or that the clown he hired to MC the party made some guests a little uncomfortable. You’ll have valuable information for later, and it’ll automatically inform your MailChimp list.

Check out the CoffeeCup Form Builder to MailChimp integration listing for more information, or follow CoffeeCup’s detailed tutorial on exactly how to set up this integration.