Jul 10, 2008

Warning Signs Your Client Is Spamming

warning-signs-your-client-is-spamming_thm.jpgWeb designers and developers: ever help a client with an email marketing project, then started to get this weird, uneasy feeling in your stomach that maybe—just maybe—you were helping your client spam? You were probably more concerned about your karma, but did you know it can also hurt your client’s email reputation (and potentially yours?). Once that happens, good luck getting your email delivered, no matter what server or service you’re using.

At MailChimp, we’ve had to shut down quite a few creative agencies for their client’s bad email habits. Sadly, most problems could have been easily prevented.

We’ve posted a free PDF guide (9 pages): Warning Signs Your Client Is Spamming.

The free downloadable guide covers how to tell if your client is crossing the line, and how to gently guide them back over from the dark side (without losing the project). More specifically, we go over:

  • The most common reasons we’ve had to shut down agency accounts at MailChimp
  • The industries (your clients) that always seem to have the most risk (and why)
  • How to define spam in words your client will understand, and how to determine when a client just needs a punch in the gut
  • How to detect inexperienced clients who may be doing things to get themselves (and you) in trouble