Jun 22, 2010

Using Vzaar To Add An Email Signup Form To Online Video

Vzaar is an online video player that positions its core product as "online video without the limitations of YouTube." Some key features include the ability to add unbranded video players to your site, no duration limits on your uploads, no distracting links to competitor videos under the guise of "related features", and now, the ability to include a MailChimp email signup form at the end of your video.


The Scenario

A couple months ago we blogged about the prototype for Chimpadeedoo, a MailChimp app for iPad. Even though it was just in the fledgling stages at the time, we wanted to let everyone know it would be coming soon. This introductory "sneak peak" video would have been a great opportunity to use Vzaar’s MailChimp integration. By using a verbal call to action or even including that call as part of the video, we could collect the email addresses of people interested in hearing when the app officially launched. Another idea is to incentivize signing up by allowing subscribers beta access and a special sneak peek. (Chimpadeedoo has since launched and is currently in v1.1.)

Cool and powerful– a winning combination.

The Nitty Gritty

You can get started with Vzaar by heading over to the site and signing up for a free trial. Once you get your account set up, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard and should click on settings. Scroll down to the ‘3rd Party Tools Integration’ section.


In a new browser window or tab, go ahead and login to your MailChimp account. Click on the Lists tab in your Dashboard and drill down to ‘list settings and unique id’ for whichever list you’d like your video subscribers to go to. (Note: for this example, I’ve set up a new list and called it ‘Vzaar’.)


Scroll down to obtain your list’s ‘unique id’ and copy it.


Then head back over to the Vzaar window or tab you have open and paste your list ID into the ‘MailChimp List ID’ field.

You’ll also need to generate a MailChimp API key, which you’ll find under account > api keys & info (in MailChimp). Click the little ‘add key’ icon, copy the whole string, and then paste into the ‘MailChimp API Key’ field in Vzaar. Click ‘save’ and you’re all set.


This will add a standard, non-customizable form at the end of your video that includes First Name, Last Name and Email address fields. (You can see it in action by watching the video at the top of this post, or by clicking through here.)

If you’re interested in using this integration in an email campaign, we’ve also created a Vzaar video merge tag. The syntax is the same as our Blip.tv, YouTube and Vimeo merge tags— *|VZAAR:xxxx| * where xxxx is the video ID (highlighted in the image below).