Apr 5, 2011

VIP Reports Get Easier Cobranding

Update (9/27/16): This post contains information about features and workflows that are no longer available within the MailChimp application. To learn more about sharing your MailChimp campaign reports, visit our Knowledge Base.

In our February release, we unveiled our new co-branding feature. One thing we wanted to do, but didn’t have time for in that release, was to make it so that any custom co-branding themes that you’ve setup for an account were also available in your VIP Reports (aka "shared reports").

Last week, we got that done:

Whenever you go to share a report with someone, you’ll see all your saved co-branding themes in the right panel. And if you want, you can setup a new theme from that page:

As you can see, the interface for setting up your custom theme under VIP reports is the same as the interface for setting up your account co-branding now (if you’re curious, there are some screenshots of the old interface here).

One of the complaints we had when we first launched the shared reports feature was your custom settings couldn’t be saved. With this new approach, you can setup as many different co-branding themes as you want, and save them for re-use in your reports.

Learn more about co-branding here.