Jan 25, 2007

View This Email In Your Browser

I just got this email invitation from AiMA, and the link at the top of their email caught my eye (see below).


As a lot of you know by now, email programs automatically turn images in HTML email off by default. So some marketers like to place a copy of their HTML email on their server, and let people click this link to view the message in their browser. In fact, lots of your tech-savvy recipients will actually prefer to click that link, because they know that by turning on images, you’ll track the open (and they’re very protective of their privacy).

Anyways, for the longest time, I’ve always put, "Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser" at the top of my emails. I think I like AiMA’s wording better.

Except I’d probably refrain from saying "click here" in my emails. Last time I used "click here" in my emails, my deliverability scores plummeted.  Maybe something more like, "This message contains graphics. If you don’t see them, view our email in your browser"

And if you’ve ever wondered what kind of words or phrases spam filters look for, here are some articles we’ve posted in the past: