Jul 8, 2013

v8.4: Refinements to New MailChimp

We’ve made a few changes since we launched New MailChimp. Some of them are routine updates that come along with releases, and others are improvements based on feedback from our users. Here are some of the updates that might be relevant to you:

Adding subscribers

We updated the "Add Subscriber" button on the lists dashboard, and placed it in the Manage Subscribers menu inside each list. It should be easier to find and right where you need it now.


Designing forms

We rearranged the page where you select forms to design. When you click Signup Forms within a list, you can choose to create and edit general forms hosted by MailChimp, forms to embed on your website, or form integrations. You can also create and edit Chimpadeedoo signup forms for your tablet and Facebook signup forms, all in one place.


Viewing subscribers

We refined the page where you view subscribers so you can see more information at once and avoid scrolling back and forth to find what you’re looking for.


Odds and ends

These are just a few of the updates we made last week, but we also:

  • refined the search interface
  • added back the unfiled campaigns folder
  • added sharing links to the confirmation page (or the "high fives" page)

If you’d like some help learning your way around New MailChimp, here’s a quick guide that explains what’s new in the app. It’s full of screenshots and videos that will help you get your bearings in just a few minutes.