Jun 17, 2011

v6.0 Launching Monday: Update Subscription Prefs, New Lists Dashboard Look, and OAuth 2

Starting Monday June 20, we’ll be rolling out some improvements and additions to MailChimp. You’ll start to notice new features on Monday morning, but it’ll take until the end of Tuesday June 21 to propagate to all accounts. We’ll post more details after we go live, but here are some highlights:

Update Subscription Prefs Through Forms

When subscribers want to update their subscription preferences, the only way to do that is by clicking a link in a campaign. In this next release, your subscribers will be able to update their subscription prefs at your subscribe forms by entering their email address. If they’re already on the list, we’ll give them the option to have an email sent to them with a link to update their preferences.

Refined Design of Lists Stats

We’ve given the Lists dashboard a fresh look, making stats easier to read, and creating new pathways into your data.

lists dashboard
New Lists Dashboard Design

Chimp Chatter Improvements

We’re refining and improving Chimp Chatter on the dashboard to provide even more insight into what’s happening in your MailChimp account. Since we added better geo-data in the last release, we’re bringing some of that to the surface by showing you the countries where your new subscribers, unsubscribes, and Facebook Likes are coming from.

If you’ve got a popular list, you might’ve found Chatter messages a bit overwhelming at times when a really big batch of people subscribe. Those messages will be easier to read as we’re now truncating long lists of subscribers and linking into a detailed table of your most recent subscribers and unsubscribes.

Six New Newsletter Templates

We’re adding six elegant new templates perfect for your next newsletter. Drop in some images, a bit of content, and just select a color theme to be send ready. Stay tuned for more templates in future releases. We’ve got more in the works.

New Newsletter Templates
New Newsletter Templates

OAuth 2 Integration With Other Apps

We’re making it even easier for third party apps to integrate with MailChimp by adding OAuth 2 support. OAuth 2 is a standard way for third-party apps to get authorized access to a user’s account without needing to copy/paste API keys or ask users for sensitive usernames and passwords. OAuth 2 support will launch in beta next week. We’ll release more info about it in the not so distant future.

Usability Improvements

As is true with each new release, there are a host of small-ish usability improvements soon to be arriving in MailChimp. If we’ve done our job well, you won’t even notice them. Thanks to some generous users, we’ve run a boat load of usability tests that have helped us refine the setup process, and make important areas of the app a little more discoverable. Want to help us in future usability tests? Get in touch with our user experience team.