Jul 5, 2012

Using QR Codes To Get Email Signups From Crazy Busy People

This is a blog post I meant to write 10 months ago. But I got too busy. Isn’t everyone always too busy? Anyway, imagine me one morning in August, frantically getting ready for work. Except first, I have to drive the kid to school. But first, I have to do his homework (don’t ask). But before I can do that, I have to take out the garbage. Argh! While I’m dragging out the garbage cans, there’s the morning paper lying on my driveway. Do I have time to stop and read it? NO. Do I have time to stop and use my smartphone to subscribe to their email newsletter? Heeeeellll no.

Well, maybe I do:

Hey. That’s a nice idea. Scan the QR code to open a signup form. At the very least, I can scan it and just leave it open in my phone’s browser for later. Every MailChimp list comes with its own QR code, so you can do this sorta thing too. Post the code at your store, at events, or on the front page of your newspaper (above the fold, of course). Anywhere you have crazy-busy customers who appreciate little time-saving gestures like this.