Oct 5, 2010

Using Google Voice for mobile app feedback

In this post, one of the problems I described with mobile app testing was that I’m frequently away from my computer when I’m actually using my mobile device. So how do I report a bug, or feature idea, when I’m at the grocery store?

I have to run back to my computer, sign in, and enter it all into our bug tracking software. Or, tippy-tap an email message to our team (which gets lost in their inbox).

Why not just call? Oh yeah, because that’s not scalable (and too many ideas happen at 4am). So in our upcoming Golden Monkeys app, we added a link that points to Google Voice.


Now, no matter where I am (insert iPhone reception joke here), or what time it is, I can just push that button and leave a message. Back in the lab, our team logs in and listens.

Mobile Lab listens to feedback via Google Voice

Mobile Lab listens to feedback via Google Voice

What’s really nice is that Google Voice actually transcribes everything, so we can just read the text of the messages if we want (yeah, that’s an inside joke for all the Google Voice users out there who’ve received hilariously inaccurate transcripts).